Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love - Wednesday, December 23

You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
Deuteronomy 10:19 (NSRV)

Jeremiah Oliver:

To love with an open heart is the highest command Jesus delivers. To love the stranger, to love that which is unknown, no matter the actions they have performed, no matter who they are, no matter the actions they plan to perform, is to acknowledge that the heart is more important than having clues and evidence and concrete judgements. Loving fully is an act of courage, saying: not only are you worthy of the graces light offers, but the parts of me which I do not know or am not happy with or do not appreciate, these too, are worthy of the love that transforms strangers into friends, friends into families, families into communities. Love acts through compassion—approaching people and situations from a point of view that is not singular, is not judgemental, but is open to hearing and learning. Love binds light together. Love is what creates life, the greatest miracle. Let our hearts be a channel for the love that lets us see strangers as we see ourselves.

May the earth support your heart and make it strong and whole.
May the winds blow through and leave it clear and open.
May the heat of fire fill it with passion and energy.
May the waters flow through your heart, carrying that love to others.
May the divine light illuminate all that is good for your heart, awaking that good all around you.

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