Thursday, June 04, 2009

Come, all of you who have wandered far from the path,
who have separated yourselves from Love;
A banquet is prepared for you in the heart’s Secret Room
—Psalm 114, Psalms for Praying

High up in one of our Douglas fir trees two branches form a vee-shape. We only noticed this because we first noticed that some bits of fir branches had piled up beside the garage. We only noticed these bits of fir branches because Barb had just swept up all the old branches that fell over the winter. After looking down and pondering these new branches it finally occurred to us to look up: that’s when we saw the nest.

As nests go this one is made entirely—in so far as we can tell— from the ends of fir boughs about ten inches long. This nest is big! And it is way, way up there in the tree. We have no idea what kind of animal (it doesn’t seem like a bird’s nest) built it. A squirrel family seems like a good guess but we really don’t know.

I got out the binoculars but they didn’t help much. The nest is just too high up in the tree. I thought about getting up on the roof but even that wouldn’t get us close enough.

Then, before coming to church, I took a walk around what passes for our "block" in Lake Forest Park. The air was warm, the sun was shining, and I guess, because I had been looking up at the nest I spent most of my fifteen minute walk looking up.

All around me birds whirled and called out to one another. In the process of walking, looking, and listening I became aware of this entire other world that literally passes right over my head every single day. What I’m realizing is that the world of the Spirit operates in much the same fashion.

For most of us we go about our days plodding along, and as we plod our mood shifts this way and that leading us down one path and then another, our mind grinds away remembering this hurt and that problem until thought by thought we end up in a galaxy far, far away from this very moment on planet Earth!

All the while the continual energy of God surrounds us, waiting for us to stop and notice; to smile at the beauty that surrounds us, to look deeply into a child’s eyes, to gently cradle a hand grown creaky with arthritis, to laugh deeply, to love with our whole heart, to give of our ourselves with grace.

I don’t know—perhaps the Holy Spirit built a nest in our yard—that’s what I’m imagining right now.

Meanwhile in the back of my mind I hear my Grandma Rudel as she attempted to put things in perspective for her two impatient granddaughters, Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, while we wait, we are given this earth and one another to love with whole and generous hearts, abounding in grace and forgiveness.

Now. Right now. Look up!

Laurie Rudel