Saturday, December 20, 2008

In anticipation of a severe winter storm on Saturday evening
we have cancelled worship at church this Sunday, December 21.
Below you will find a service for you to use at home.

Please join us Wednesday for our
Christmas Eve Service at 5pm.

The Fourth Sunday of Advent
—meeting in our homes—

Hum a few bars of: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Light a candle and call it Love

Prayer: Bodypsalm for the holidays

Remember each day is a hol(y)day,
a place to recall presence.
No day is more special than the other, but you can breathe into each day differently.
Remember the simple things – a deep breath into all your cells,
the gorgeous limb of one branch, a place of connection
between a friend or a stranger.
The art of life comes to you everyday, unfolding from its skin
and asks for a greeting.
Welcome the unexpected
and have compassion on the expected.
Live with bold colors from a place of still silence.
Come back to quiet.
May the inside of your body be a zen garden.
Nap daily, for sleep is the sustenance of surrender.
Remember beauty walks before you, now just walk.
Incremental steps, even backward steps towards wonder.
Know you will not get everything done, said,
written, wrapped, made or thought of.
Celebrate incompletion and know that can be enough.
It is all about cracks of opening
into heart, body, mind, soul.
Make peace with the cracks and the interruptions,
for they are echoes of the divine.
Greet the ordinary with fresh eyes,
here is the fragrance of a day set apart.
Know you are held in a wider embrace.
Let the natural world hold you and give in to the weather.
Here you are called back to release.
Bare beauty on the back of December
and lend yourself to rest.
Sip small beginnings of calling yourself and
those around you to the juice of joy.
And drink from your own deep well
and spill when necessary.
—Celeste Snowber, December 2008

Sing a favorite carol!

Read: Luke 1:26-38
Reflect on what it means to say yes to an angel . . .

Pray . . . for those out in the cold . . . for emergency
preparedness workers . . . for utility crews . . . for all those
who cannot be with their family due to the weather . . .
for Ruth McLaughlin, mother of Lori Hutchings,
who hovers near death . . .
for your concerns and for your joys . . .

Drink and eat a little something
that brings you joy . . .
remember the immensity of Love
and call it communion

Sing another carol!