Monday, February 26, 2007

Lenten Practices
At the beginning of Lent we pray for a "clean" heart and ask God to put "a new and right spirit with us." (Psalm 51)

As we enter this first week of Lent take some time to look deeply into your heart.

To facilitate this process you may want to begin your day with a candle and few moments of quiet reflection.

You may want to begin a journal to record your thoughts as you move through your day. You may want to end your day with quiet reflection or shared prayer with your family.

Monday, February 26
In your prayer time and as you go about your day take note of irritations that arise within you. Invite God’s spirit to breathe with you and clear your heart.

Tuesday, February 27
Begin your day with an intention, for example: God help me to slow down and listen to others with an open heart.

At the end of the day notice if you remembered your intention. There is no shame in forgetting. Forgetting, as well as remembering, is part of the journey, give thanks that you are noticing.

Wednesday, February 28
Look for opportunities to say "thank you." Be indiscriminate!

Scatter "thank yous" wherever you go like beautiful seeds.

If you drive somewhere make up a God, I thank you for. . . song.

Thursday, March 1
Sometime today, in a private moment (or not!), open your arms open really wide and the stretch of your muscles around your heart.

Invite God to help you take that sense of openness with you throughout the day. Notice how your heart can open and close just like breathing. Notice when that happens.

Friday, March 2
Just for today, turn off the news. Listen for signs of spring. Notice your own thoughts. At the end of the day notice how it feels to unplug from the news of the world.

Saturday, March 3
Call someone you love and have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Following the phone call offer up a prayer of love on behalf that person.

Sunday, March 4
Read: Luke 9:28-36 and 13:31-35